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Yes, but you will have to file for a patent application in each country that you want protection in.

As you may know, a US Patent will only protect your invention in the USA. It will not protect you in Mexico, Canada, France, or Japan. If you want protection for your invention in those countries, then you will need to file a patent application in each of those countries to obtain a Mexican Patent, a Canadian Patent, a European Patent or French Patent, and a Japanese Patent.

This might sound daunting, but it’s routine. Most businesses in the U.S. that want international patent protection start by hiring an U.S. Patent Attorney like me. We draft a patent application for you and file it as a PCT Application. This will give you up to 30 months to raise the funding necessary to seek international patent protection. In about 28 months, your patent law firm should write you and ask which countries you would like to protect your invention in.

Once we have your answers, your patent law firm can arrange to have your patent application filed in each country. Most U.S. patent law firms have formed a network of patent agents in each country and it is a standard service for us to help you file and obtain patents around the world by working with foreign law firms on your behalf.

This is one of the most convenient features of having a patent law firm help you. This may rub do-it-yourselfers the wrong way. But think about it. Do want to Google foreign patent firms and try to arrange everything yourself? Do you really want to try to keep up with all the correspondence, payments, and deadlines from around the world? If you make one mistake, you could lose your patent rights and your profit margins.

Want to protect your invention outside of the US?

Call Childs Patent Law at 832-621-0353, and let’s get you patent protection everywhere you want it.

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