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William R. Childs Patent Lawyer

William R. Childs, Ph.D., J.D.

President, Intellectual Property Attorney, and Patent Attorney

I began my career in patent law at a prominent Washington, D.C., intellectual property law firm. Even back then, I could see that the business of patent law was changing quickly. I talked with friends about the possibility of starting a patent law firm and finding ways to provide better patent services.

It was just talk. Over the years, that talk became a vision, and that vision has become a reality.

Contact us to see just how good patent law services can be.

Who I Am

I am a patent attorney with a Ph.D. in chemistry and over 10 years of experience helping clients get patents to protect their inventions and get freedom to operate to avoid getting sued for patent infringement. I think of myself as a Houston Patent Attorney and a Chemical Patent Attorney.

What I Do

I help In-House Counsel, Technology Transfer Officers, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Inventors, and others get patents for their inventions, avoid getting sued for patent infringement, and avoid bad business deals. In other words, I handle preparation, prosecution, opinions, and due diligence.

How I Do It

I schedule a free consultation with you. I ask about your needs, listen to your answers, and work with you to provide patent applications, patent opinions, and strategic legal advice to help you accomplish your goals. I work to provide you with experienced patent services that save you time, save you money, and reduce your anxiety.

Why It Works

I have a Ph.D. in chemistry and over 10 years of experience in patent preparation, prosecution, and opinion work. With this practical experience, I help clients use patents to turn their most marketable innovations into their most valuable business assets. I have hands-on experience providing freedom to operate, infringement, and validity opinions. I use this experience to help clients bring products to market while minimizing their risk of patent infringement.

Who I Help

Since 2008, I have been helping clients across the U.S. and around the world, especially in the areas of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, polymers, oil and gas, and more.

Why You Should Care

Most firms are self-centered, profit-driven billing machines. They put their profits over your needs. By running a virtual patent law firm, I can spend more time getting to know and serve you better.

I often adapt my services to:

  • Save You Time
  • Provide You With The Best Protection I Can, and
  • Give You Candid Advice

…So that you can safely focus on the rest of your work.

Contact us for a FREE discussion to learn how I work to make your life easier and your work better.

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