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Patent Attorney, William Childs

This is the home page of Patent Attorney, William Childs, founder and president of Childs Patent Law. If your goal is to protect your invention, your reputation, and your profit margins, you have found the right place!

We can represent clients anywhere in the USA and around the world before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) – all remotely.

We work to help you turn your innovation and creativity into assets that make your business more valuable to investors and buyers.

Why Should You Care?

Are you looking for investors? Do you want to exit big?

When someone invests in your business or buys your business, what are they really getting? They are not buying the people. Most are at-will employees who have to be paid. They are not buying the equipment. They can usually buy that anywhere. They are usually buying intangibles, especially your intellectual property.

Most of the value of a business (over 70%) comes from its patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Don’t believe me?

Where would Coca-Cola be without its trade secret formula for Coca-Cola?

Starbucks built much of their wealth based on trademarks (their name and logo).

Imaging opening up a coffee shop. How much money would you make in the first month? Now, how much MORE money would you make if you opened up a coffee shop and used the trademarks and logos of Starbucks? That difference is the power of branding. Trademarks protect your brand.

Every pharmaceutical company knows that their profits on a drug will drop like a rock the day their patent expires. Why?

Patents protect profits margins — on everything from drugs to cellphones to medical devices.

Got a great idea? No matter how great your idea is, you can only make more money if you can protect your idea. Patents grant you a monopoly over your invention. And monopolies allow you to charge more because people can only get a patented product or service from you.

Here at Childs Patent Law, we are in the business of helping you turn your ideas into protectable assets that make your business more valuable to investors and buyers.

What happens if you choose the wrong patent attorney?

There are no second chances in patent law. The difference between exiting with millions of dollars or just exiting and looking for a job is usually the quality of your patent protection.

Want to attract investors? Want to exit big?

Call Patent Attorney, William Childs at 832-621-0353 to discuss protecting your next great idea.


What We Do

William Childs is a Patent Attorney who works to help startups, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium sized businesses protect their profit margins by patenting their inventions.

But that’s not all! William Childs can also help you avoid patent lawsuits when you decide to start selling an innovative product or service. How? We can perform a Freedom-To-Operate search and analysis. We can also draft letters that you can show investors and distributors to help assure them that they will not lose everything in an unnecessary patent lawsuit.

William Childs is also a Trademark Attorney who helps startups, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium sized businesses protect the reputation of their unique business names, product names, and services names by registering their trademarks and logos with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

How We Do It

We start with a FREE consultation. Why? Because you deserve a Patent Attorney who has your back. We believe that you deserve a Patent Attorney you can trust to expertly protect your innovation and reputation. That free consultation is designed to make sure that we are a fit for what you are looking to do.

Also, a Patent Attorney is a fiduciary. That means that as Patent Attorneys, we are required to put your profits above our own. We take great pride in telling clients when they can save money even though it may mean that we make less money. That’s alright. We believe in the power and profit of long-term relationships.

How Are We Different?

William Childs has a Ph.D. in chemistry and a J.D. in law. He has been practicing patent law, trademark law, and intellectual property law for over a decade.

So, like many Patent Attorneys, we both know science and patent law. What makes our practice unique is that we work together on drafting patent applications, trademark applications, and licenses and intellectual property contracts.

That may not sound unique because a lot of patent attorneys and patent law firms SAY they have 2 or more patent attorneys review a patent application before filing.

But do they really?

More likely a patent attorney (think junior associate) with one year of experience or less spends 30-40 hours drafting your patent application. Then a partner with more than a decade of experience “reviews” your patent application for few minutes at the end. But how much can they do in just a few minutes or even an hour? Spell check?

There are no second chances in patent law

Our clients choose us because they want to protect their invention right the first time. William Childs often conducts the initial invention interview. Then discusses your invention with another patent attorney. We then go back and forth at every step of drafting a patent application. We do this to ensure that our clients get the best patent protection that our combined experience of over 20 years can provide.

Plus, we love working with entrepreneurs. Ask us why!

When protecting it matters, call William Childs at 832-621-0353 to discuss protecting your next great idea.

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